To our Beautiful Toki Customers...

We hope you are well and our hearts are with everyone around the world that has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the current situation our suppliers are running low on supplies or are taking longer than usual shipping supplies we need to make our awesome body treats. Therefore, some of our items might be out of stock until further notice.

This pandemic has affected everyone's life, specially small businesses like ours, we truly thank our customers with all our hearts for the support you have given us all these years and in these difficult times. With a smaller staff we are still working as fast as possible to get all orders out on our regular 3-6 business day processing time and we are taking extreme measures to keep our studio and community safe: 

• We have always maintained above average cleaning and disinfection standards but have increased the level of deep cleaning and continue to maintain the strict adherence to our rigorous standards of cleanliness and sanitary procedures in our studio and offices.   

We have never been open to the public for pickup, but are now cancelling any non essential visits to our facilities. (Vendors for example). Those meetings will now take place online only.

• All packages delivered are never delivered directly to our studio. All shipments received are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before bringing them in.

• Due to the small number of staff (mainly the owners) we implement safe distance measures, working at different stations at all times.  

We will continue to closely monitor any emerging news and make further changes as needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

We are all navigating new and uncharted territory, which means we must be flexible, proactive, and adaptive in the way we act. In line with this, we are working carefully to respond to the recommendations and ongoing advice promoted by the government, public health officials, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and WHO (World Health Organization).

We hope to keep serving you and wish you good health now and in the future :)

The Butter Toki Team!